What’s behind the ‘fake news’ craze in Michigan?

The Associated Press article The National Weather Service in Michigan is warning of a serious problem with “fake news” and misinformation.

The state is seeing an increase in fake news, according to a report published Thursday by the National Weather Services.

The agency said its website was seeing an average of 50 percent increase in “false or misleading information” since January 1, the day President Donald Trump took office.

The report comes just two days after the president tweeted that he was “very proud” of his state’s weather, and in his first two days in office, the president was tweeting about Michigan’s weather and weather conditions.

“Michigan is in great shape!” the president said.

“This is one of the top states in the country, with great rainfall and very cool nights.”

The National Hurricane Center issued a second report on Thursday, which said Michigan is likely to receive a second hurricane, but the latest forecast is for a “moderate wind” for the next several days.

The forecast for Friday is also for a moderate wind, the agency said.

The Associated States weather service said the “false” and “misleading” information that people were posting on social media could increase the risk of severe weather in Michigan.

The AP has reached out to the National Hurricane Centers for comment.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say this is the first time we’ve seen this kind of increased risk,” Weather Service meteorologist David Purdy said Thursday.

He added that if you’re looking to “spin” an event, “you’ve got to be very, very careful what you’re posting.” “

The more we see this type of misinformation, the more people are going to get scared.”

He added that if you’re looking to “spin” an event, “you’ve got to be very, very careful what you’re posting.”

“It really is dangerous for the people who are posting these things.

They need to be cautious.

It really does affect us,” Purdy added.

“People need to stop and think about the fact that we’ve been living in this country for almost 150 years and we’ve never had a hurricane or an earthquake in this state, period.”

Purdy pointed to a tweet by former Michigan Gov.

Jennifer Granholm on Wednesday night.

“What I was really concerned about is people posting that this is a new event, which it isn’t,” she said.

Purdy also said that a number of “fake” and false posts are going viral on social-media platforms.

“We need to take a closer look at these things and the people posting them,” he said.

In an interview with the AP, Granholm said that her “biggest concern” was for people who posted fake information to try and make it look like they were on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or something.

“If you post it, you get some followers, and they get some attention.

And then they can come back and spread it again,” she told the AP.

Granholm also said she’s worried that people are not following the advice to not share on social platforms.


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