How to name the construction vehicles in your next job

OKLAHOMA CITY — As the Oklahoma City metro area prepares for its construction boom, a new category of construction vehicles has come to life.

A new type of truck, called a “crossover” that uses a trailer to haul equipment to a site, has appeared on the market.

The vehicles are often used to haul construction equipment to and from a site and can be used on a construction site.OKLAHOLA CITY, Oklahoma — A new type towing vehicle has appeared in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

It is a crossover that uses trailers to haul items to a location.

A crossover, also called a box truck, is a type of construction vehicle.

They have an on-board trailer, and can carry more than two trailers.

The Oklahoma City area has seen a number of new construction vehicles, such as trailers, that can haul items from a location to a building site, the Associated Press reported.

They are commonly used to tow large loads.

Oklahoma City-based Cummins announced in May that it was adding a crossover to its lineup.

The company said the crossover will be capable of pulling heavy construction equipment that can be stacked to load a crane or other large object.

Cummins’ new truck will be similar to other trucks, including trucks that are used for construction.

It has been designed to work in both traditional trailers and box trucks.

A Cummins spokesperson said the new crossover has the same basic chassis and has the capacity to haul two trailers or three vehicles.

It will be available for purchase later this year, said John T. O’Brien, a Cummins spokesman.

Cumins is among a handful of companies that are trying to develop their own trucks that can lift heavier equipment.

It’s an interesting development, and we think it will lead to new business opportunities for companies in Oklahoma.


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