How to avoid construction delays and make money on the road ahead

The road construction process is a time consuming, frustrating and expensive process.

For some, the time has come to get rid of it altogether.

This is the story of a Mumbai-based engineer and his plan to eliminate it completely.

The article, written by Prakash, a native of Bangalore, is based on his experience in the road construction industry.

The post-apocalyptic landscape of roads in Mumbai The process of building roads in India is a long one.

It begins with the government approving an application for a road.

These are then given the go-ahead by the State Government, which then decides whether to build it.

If it is approved, the project is put on the roads.

In Maharashtra, where the state is the country’s biggest, the process is very much like this.

There are hundreds of projects, all of which have to be cleared by the National Road Transport Authority (NRTAA), the State Authority for Road Transport.

Once the project has been approved by the NRTAA, it has to go through the NRCA.

Once it is cleared, the NERCA reviews the project and gives it its approval.

This process can take months or even years, depending on the state.

The result is that the time it takes for a project to be built is often longer than the time needed for a new road to be laid.

“For the first two years of construction, the average completion date of roads is 12 months,” says Prakas.

“By the time the new road is completed, it’s usually one or two years.

By the time that a road is laid, the actual completion date is usually two years, but sometimes three or four years.”

While the process takes months or years, in the end, most of the money in the construction industry is made by the contractors, not the government.

The only reason why the government is willing to take up this project is because of a shortage of money.

For a contractor, this is a win-win situation.

They are getting a good rate of pay for their work, which in turn can help them pay their bills, as well as get their project completed faster.

For the government, however, it is a losing proposition.

A road that is completed in three years could be built in four years.

The cost of constructing a road varies from project to project, but typically, it ranges from ₹2,000 crore to ₳5,000 billion.

In some cases, the contractors are paid a monthly salary of ₱5,200 crore.

The government, which has invested ₂5,100 crore in roads, can afford to pay a contractor a salary of about ₑ1,000 per month.

“The contractors can’t afford to do that.

The contractors can only do it because the government pays them ₸5,600 crore per year,” says Nipan Jha, founder of road development firm, DIG, who works for the government in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

“If they didn’t have a contractor to do the work, they wouldn’t be able to afford to build roads at the rate they do now.

If the government was willing to spend that amount, it would be a boon to the local economy,” he adds.

It’s also not uncommon for contractors to be paid ₤2,500 per month to work on projects in Mumbai.

While the government has allocated ₣1,700 crore for road construction in 2016-17, there is an additional ₘ7,500 crore being spent.

In the first quarter of 2017, the government had given out ₩15,500 lakh for road projects, which was ₥15,000 less than the previous quarter, according to the NIPA.

In a bid to keep contractors employed, the Maharashtra government is giving them bonuses and salary hikes.

A project can be started for ₧25,000 and work on it for ₪1,400 per month, but it would then cost ₨150,000 to ₪300,000.

In addition, a road project can take around seven months to complete, and a total of five years to complete.

In case the project was not completed within five years, the contract would be cancelled and the contractor would be paid the same amount of money they received in the first three years.

This, however would not apply to projects that are done by private contractors.

The main issue for a contractor is that if they are paid less than their contractual wage, they will be forced to quit the job, says Dhananjay Gupta, a partner at law firm, Ramesh Goyal & Co. “A contractor’s life depends on the quality of the work.

If they are not getting paid what they are supposed to be getting, they are going to quit.

This creates a big risk to the company,” says Gupta. In


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