Why do construction pants make me look like a nerd?

A new generation of construction pants that use a stretchy material to make them more “sexy” have come into fashion.

The new construction pants were first introduced to the market by Italian construction firm Adecco and are now being sold by brands such as Moda, Gildan and Zara.

Moda has introduced a new construction set of pants, which they call “the most exciting and sexy pants ever.”

They say they make you look like an angelic angel on a hot summer day.

“They are very comfortable, they are super light, they feel very good, they look really good and they are very fashionable,” said Zara creative director, Cristian Garcia.

Garcia said the pants look and feel more like a superhero suit than the traditional pants you buy at the mall.

“I like it because I think you can be more expressive with it, you can wear it to parties and you can dress it up for a party, and it’s also super comfortable, so it feels like you’re wearing it everyday,” he said.

The pants have become more popular than they were even a few years ago.

“In the beginning it was the kids who were the first people to buy it,” said Garcia.

Now, with the help of a little help from a little friend, Garcia is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his new line.

The new pants are made with a stretch fabric that has a soft texture and are designed to be breathable.

“When we designed the pants they were really hard, because they are not going to stay in place.

But after we had a little more research and made the stretchy fabric, we were able to create the pants that are going to be so comfortable and so easy to wear that you can’t go wrong with them,” said Gilden creative director Luca Lopes.

Lopes said he had to start thinking about how the pants would be made and how they would be used.

“We didn’t want to just use cheap materials and just be doing cheap stuff.

We wanted to do something really special and really special,” he added.

Giacomo Lopes says the pants are meant to be a celebration of the Italian tradition of wearing construction pants.

“To me, they remind me of my childhood and how I would like to be able to wear the pants every day,” he told CBC News.

“It’s not just a casual piece of clothing.

They’re meant to express the Italian culture and the Italian heritage and they look great.”

Lopes says they are being sold online and at his new factory in Sicily.

“The first batch of these pants is available in two colors, black and white,” he explained.

“It’s going to start in March and we are hoping to sell them online.”

Giacomo Lopes said the new construction pant line will not just be for fashion but for everyday use.

“This is a product that is meant for everyday wear, that you will wear every day, you will be comfortable and you will have fun wearing them,” he continued.

“You will have a different look every time, so they will be a bit more versatile.”

With this new line we hope to create a product which will bring more people together and bring them closer to one another.


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