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By Medical News NowThe following is an excerpt from the March/April 2015 issue of Medical News Magazine.

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You’re a patient at a hospital and you’ve just received a call from your doctor.

He says that your chest X-ray is fine.

You’re excited.

You think, Oh my God, I have a great chance of surviving the night!

Then the doctor tells you that your heart rate is very low and you might be having a heart attack.

If you’re a heart patient, you’re in a race against time.

You are also a patient with a very high-risk condition, which is called acute coronary syndromes.

You are a high-energy person who needs to exercise.

You’ve been told that you should exercise daily and stay in a healthy lifestyle, but your doctor has told you that you shouldn’t even exercise at all.

You have to stay in the hospital and wait for your heart to respond.

But you’re doing so for no other reason than that your condition is very serious and you need to be careful.

You’ve been advised to get a CT scan and you’re waiting for the scan.

But your doctor doesn’t want you to see your heart.

You get your heart scan and it’s not fine.

Your heart is still beating and you are in cardiac arrest.

You see a doctor and your doctor says that you might have a heart condition, but you don’t know what that condition is.

You see a CT and your heart is fine, but the CT shows that your pulse is low.

Your doctor has also told you to go for a physical therapy session, which you should do because you are at high risk of having a stroke.

You need to keep up with your physical therapy sessions because you can’t work out when you have heart disease.

You feel tired, but still exercise, but now you are having a cardiac arrest and you feel like your body is going to go out of control.

You go for your physical therapist and they tell you that it’s all fine, and you can exercise because you’re at risk of cardiac arrest, but they don’t tell you what’s causing your cardiac arrest because you don�t know what the problem is.

The CT scan shows that the pulse is not normal.

The doctor doesn�t want you or anyone else to know that.

You�re at the emergency room and you�re feeling really tired, and then you get a new CT scan that shows that you have a large heart block.

You have been advised by your doctor to go in and see a cardiologist and see if there is a problem with the block, but it is still not clear.

You wait in the ER until the block is removed.

You still feel tired and you still have the urge to exercise because it�s a very dangerous condition and you don`t want to lose your health, but after two hours you are already having a seizure.

The doctor is like, Oh, that�s great.

You can�t have this much pain and you haven�t had a seizure in months.

And then you�ll have another seizure, which might be a mild seizure, and now you�ve had a cardiac event.

The next day, you go to the emergency department and you tell the doctor that you feel so much pain, you can�re dying.

And the doctor says, That was a cardiac catheter.

There was a hole in it.

It was leaking blood.

You take a CT of your heart and the doctor said, Well, there is no heart disease and that was an isolated incident.

You�re fine.

You walk into the ER and you find out that you had a heart disease with a block in your heart that caused a stroke in a patient.

The cardiologist said, There were some other patients in the same hospital who had a block that had not been removed.

So they thought that there were patients who had had a stroke and they needed to see the block removed.

But the block was still there and the stroke happened.

The patient died because he didn�t get the block and his heart had a heartbeat, which would have been a normal event, but then he didn`t get that block and the heart did not have a heartbeat.

The patient had no stroke and died.

The reason for that is that your cardiac block caused a very big heart attack, and it was in the patient because the block prevented the blood from reaching the heart, which meant that there was no heart and no blood flow.

So the block kept the heart alive and the patient died.

You don�ts know how to describe what happened to you.

You went to the ER, and the first thing you see is your chest is very cold, and your blood pressure is very high.

The second thing you look at is that the walls of your chest are really thin and the walls are really big. You


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