What’s happening in construction in New York City?

New York construction is booming in the wake of the devastating hurricane Harvey.

The latest data shows construction increased 4.5% to 5.5 million square feet in the second quarter of 2017, an increase of nearly 9 million square yards over the same period last year.

New York Construction Association President David Ruppert said that number is even higher now that construction workers have been off the job in New Jersey.

“The surge in demand has made New York the top construction city in the nation,” Ruppet said.

“As of the end of June, the number of jobs added in New New York exceeded the number employed in the entire nation.”

Ruppert says that’s a big jump, given that the city’s economy has been shrinking for years.

He says there are more than 200,000 jobs available and that construction is the biggest source of that growth.

“Construction workers are still finding new opportunities, but they’re finding them in the form of high-paying, stable, high-skilled jobs,” Ruprecht said.

New York Construction has seen an average of 11,500 jobs per month since January, the highest average monthly job creation rate of any construction industry in the country, according to the Census Bureau.

Rupperets construction union has called for more construction jobs, but that has been difficult to get.

The city of New York is the epicenter of a new surge in construction jobs.

New construction workers make up a whopping 40% of the workforce.

The number of construction workers has grown in the city since the first wave of Hurricane Katrina.

The surge in the construction industry was particularly pronounced in New Orleans.

“There was an influx of construction jobs after Katrina,” Rpundts head of workforce statistics said.

“There were a lot of construction projects going on that needed workers, so that was a great start.”

The city also added a new $500 million rehabilitation center last year to help workers return to the job market.

Construction jobs are now back in the mix in New Yorks neighborhoods, with the largest citywide increase being in the Brooklyn area, where construction has jumped 25%.

“There’s more construction in Brooklyn than any other part of the city,” Rups said.


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