Trump is using the election to expand his personal empire

The Trump campaign has been ramping up its efforts to build a new business empire, the latest step in a growing effort to leverage the presidency to expand the real estate mogul’s vast personal empire.

The campaign released a new website Monday with a new logo that is similar to Trump’s name and which promises to offer more personalized service to voters.

The new Trump Entertainment Resorts is expected to launch in 2020.

It is being developed by Trump’s son-in-law, Steve Bannon, a top adviser to the president.

The website features ads promoting Trump properties in places such as Palm Beach, Florida and New York City, as well as locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The site offers up a list of Trump properties including golf courses, hotels, golf courses and a yacht, among other things.

In an interview Monday, Bannon said Trump is seeking to expand beyond his businesses.

“He has his own brand,” Bannon said.

“This is going to be a huge expansion.”

Trump’s new business is one of the first to emerge after months of Trump trying to distance himself from his presidential campaign and to distance from his presidency.

Trump, who has long argued he can be president without ever running for office, has been criticized for spending the past month in a self-imposed retreat in Florida.

Trump is also trying to make the case that he has the legal right to use his presidential powers to appoint his own Cabinet, even though Congress has barred that.

In a tweet, Bannon called the move a “total betrayal” of his administration’s policy on appointments and the rule of law.

“The truth is the real problem is the Democrats have not been interested in the rule and the Constitution,” he wrote.

I’m the only person on this planet who can do that.” “

If you want to keep your seat on the Supreme Court, you better vote for me.

I’m the only person on this planet who can do that.”

The Trump Organization is owned by his children Donald Jr. and Ivanka, who are both Trump’s sons-in a group that includes his businesses, his casinos and the Trump Plaza hotel in New York.

The Trump organization is expected, if not formally announced, to be the first of several new ventures the Trump family has launched in recent months.

The president has repeatedly said that he does not intend to run for president again in 2020, even as he and his administration are under fire for some of the decisions they have made since taking office.

Trump has also repeatedly denied that he intends to run again in 2024, saying the next election will be in 2020 instead.

He has called the allegations of election interference “fake news” and accused the media of trying to “rig” the election by falsely accusing him of doing so.


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