What to know about the jobs and jobs outlook for NHL players heading into the season

The NHL has added a new job category, construction management, for which NHL players must submit a video or an audio clip to demonstrate how they can do a job on construction sites.

The video or audio clip is called a construction management job, and players who do not have a construction job can still submit video or a audio clip on NHL.com.

The job is designed to assist with construction projects and to provide guidance for those who might be unsure of their skills or experience, according to the NHL.

The job, which is required for those interested in playing in the NHL, will be available from the beginning of the NHL season through the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Players with a construction manager job who submit video clips will receive $1,000 cash.

Players can also submit an audio-only video clip to prove their expertise, and a maximum of five audio clips per season.

Construction management jobs are paid $20,000.

Construction manager jobs are limited to players who have completed at least one season with the team they were traded to, according the NHL’s release.

They are not eligible for the AHL salary cap.

The NHL announced the new jobs in an update Monday.

Construction managers are responsible for ensuring the construction sites are in working order.

They will work with the construction company to ensure that workers are getting the best possible construction experience.

They also work with construction management teams to provide them with training and resources to ensure they have the necessary skills.

The new jobs are available for all NHL players with a position in the league.

The construction manager category will allow players to showcase their skills in a positive way and to build relationships with contractors and contractors’ managers, according a release from the NHL that also mentions that the job pays well.

The position will not be filled by any NHL team and does not offer any compensation beyond the salary cap, according, according.


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