A house in the UK will be built using 3D printing

Construction company CNC Industries is preparing to construct a house in Britain based on 3D printed components.

The £6.8 million project is part of a series of projects which have been commissioned from companies around the country to create new homes and office space.

The CNC group has teamed up with a company called Stratolite, which specializes in the use of 3D printers to build houses and other office structures.

The Stratolites’ 3D printer, the Stratolight, can print up to 1,000 cubic centimetres (12,000 square inches) of wood at a time.

It can also print up a maximum of two hundred cubic centimeters (1,500 square inches).

“You can’t really print a house using conventional processes, but Stratolighters have a very high tolerance for material to mould into a shape,” explained CNC’s project manager, Jonathan Clements.

“So, you can build a house and then, using Stratolights, you create the materials and then they can be extruded in the Stratlite, which is a hollow tube with a hole for the resin to go through.”

The Stratocles’ 3d printer can print a 1,500 cubic centimeter (12.5 square inches), a house that’s just under two-and-a-half feet (600 square centimeters) long and has a maximum height of 5,000 feet (2,600 meters).

The company is building the Stratlite in its hometown of Bournemouth and is looking for help from local communities in Bournshire.

“I am really looking forward to working with the community of Bountiful, to build the Stratocle and to show the world what we can do with 3D technology,” Clements told Al Jazeera.

“The Stratlites have a unique, very fast speed of extrusion.

So we can build houses with these printers that can print the entire house in about 30 minutes.

And we are building them in a way that is sustainable.”

The Bourncherys house will be able to be 3D-printed in the same way that other Stratolikes, such as the Stratopods, are.

Clements said Stratolies can also be used to build homes that are more efficient.

“They can also cut through the material and it can be built up in smaller areas, which means it’s easier to build smaller homes,” he said.

“In the future, we may look at ways to combine the Stratoloites with traditional printing technologies, which can also make a 3D house that is more efficient.”

The project has raised a lot of money for the Stratoglas group, which has received grants from the UK government to build up its business.

“We think this is an incredibly exciting technology for building houses,” CNC chief executive Chris Clements said.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring the Stratoices’ design to life.”

Clements hopes to have the Stratoplayers in place within the next year.

“With the Stratocrite, we can now build houses that are really much larger than the Stratols, so that we can get a real house in Bountemouth,” he added.

“And the Stratoclasts are fantastic for other applications, for example for building bridges.

We have plans for a number of different types of houses and I think they will become very useful for the community.”


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