When you get down to the very core of construction, shoes are a must

Building shoes will not make you a better architect.

It will make you look bad, according to one new study.

That’s because shoes are actually the most common type of construction tool used in the construction of buildings.

A new study by researchers at the University of Cambridge and University of Warwick looked at the footwear industry and its effects on building construction.

Their findings show that, as a whole, footwear construction actually reduces building construction efficiency.

Here are the findings: • The study found that when shoe construction was considered separately from other types of construction—such as flooring, insulation, and plumbing—the number of hours needed to complete a project increased by roughly 30%.

• When shoes were considered separately, the average amount of work a project took to complete fell by more than 70%.

The authors also found that the average length of a project for a shoe-related project fell by nearly 40%.

• The majority of construction jobs that require shoes were either completed or were nearing completion at the time of the study.

• The research found that nearly 80% of all construction projects involving shoes were completed or in the early stages of construction.

• Nearly 90% of construction projects where shoes were used had an estimated total cost of $5,000 or more.

• More than a third of the construction projects that used shoes involved concrete structures, while less than 15% involved glass or wood structures.

• Almost 80% (31 of 34) of construction and renovation projects that required shoes were more than a decade old, and less than a quarter (23 of 36) were more recent.

• Most construction projects involved the use of scaffolding or heavy equipment.

• About 40% of the scaffolding and equipment used for building construction projects included shoes, which increased the total number of days spent on the scaffold by about 80%.

• Roughly one-quarter of the projects where scaffolding was used were in buildings with multiple floors and scaffolding systems, while about half of the project involved glass- and wood-built structures.• Roughly 20% of these construction projects required scaffolding that was heavier than two-thirds of the weight of the surrounding building.• About 25% of scaffolds and scaffold systems used a “floating” system where scaffolds would be removed and replaced on the construction site each day.

• Roughs of 30% of buildings had a “lateral” system of scaffold and scaffolder systems, where scaffold was attached to a wall and scaffolds were removed and installed at the other end of the wall.• Around three-quarters of the buildings where scaffolded and scaffolded systems were used did not have clear, accessible footways, leading to more than one-third of all projects where the shoe was used.

The study concluded that, “Although the effects of footwear construction are clear, the impact is still small, and the costs and benefits of footwear are difficult to quantify.”

Here are a few other findings from the study: • Construction projects involving footwear often required the installation of more than two scaffolds.

• Over 70% of building projects with footwear involved concrete or glass structures.

The majority (52 of 67) involved concrete, glass, or wood construction.

The research team estimated that the amount of concrete required for building a shoe system is equivalent to about 2,000 feet of concrete.

• Construction that required scaffold that could be removed or replaced was less efficient.

• Only about one-fifth of the total costs associated with building a building with shoes was attributable to construction equipment and labor.

• In general, footwear-related construction projects were more complex and required more capital than other types, such as structural or environmental construction.


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