‘You have to get up to speed on the latest construction memes’

Recode’s Emily M. Smith is back with a series of memes that will be posted daily on the site.

Topics include construction memes, construction, memes, internet, russian source Recoding title What memes are trending on Reddit?

article If you’re looking for a new meme to share, you may want to check out the subreddit called /r/construction, which has more than 3 million subscribers.

But be warned, some of the posts on the subreddit may be NSFW.

In addition to the building memes, the subreddit features a ton of other memes that are either funny or interesting.

Here’s a list of the top memes on the /r /construction subreddit:1.

Construction meme: What if the US government were to start using the Internet to build the tallest building in the world?2.

Construction memes: What would happen if the first time the US built a skyscraper was a giant one?3.

Construction and construction memes: How much would it cost to build a new office building in Japan?4.

Construction news: How will construction in the US affect the construction of skyscrapers in China?5.

Construction in the news: What can we expect to see from the construction boom in Europe?6.

Construction jokes: How would construction in Brazil affect the rise of luxury condos?7.

Construction with the internet: How does construction in France work?8.

Construction on the internet and the internet with cats: What happens when a cat takes over a construction site?9.

Construction video: How do you get your construction project on the go?10.

Construction building: How to do construction with your construction projects on the web?11.

Construction updates: The latest construction news and updates from around the world.12.

Construction emoji: How did the US get so far in the construction industry?13.

Construction humor: How funny is it to have a construction project get delayed?14.

Construction photos: How can we find the best pictures of construction projects?15.

Construction tips: Where can you find the most construction tips?16.

Construction plans: How should you design your construction plans?17.

Construction timelines: How long do you need to build before your project is complete?18.

Construction projects: Where do you go to start your construction?19.

Construction videos: What is a construction video?20.

Construction project timeline: What’s the timeline for completing a construction contract?21.

Construction site plans: What are some best practices for building a site?22.

Construction sites: Where to get the best site plans?23.

Construction pictures: How many pictures can you take of a construction job?24.

Construction websites: What sites are worth a lot more than others?25.

Construction construction: What will be the first construction site to go up?26.

Construction job sites: What should you be looking for?27.

Construction website tips: How important is a site to a construction company?28.

Construction jobs: What jobs are the most important in the job market right now?29.

Construction contractors: How good are the workers of the construction companies?30.

Construction workers: What do you want to know about your first job?


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