Why the NFL could be in trouble if its owners don’t buy a franchise

The NFL is already in trouble.

The league could be forced to sell itself if owners don.

In other words, if owners do decide to pull the plug on the NFL, the league could become a one-owner league, a league in which the league owners own only half of the team and one owner controls the other half.

It would then be up to the league to determine whether to buy a new team and then try to keep it together.

This is the same scenario that’s been described in some quarters in the past few days, but it would require an unprecedented act of corporate bankruptcy.

A new owner could, in theory, have the ability to do so, as long as the league board of governors approves the sale.

That would give the NFL more power than any other sports league in the world.

It could, for example, buy a team in Canada, buy it in the United States or even sell it outright.

But the problem is that a new owner would need to find someone to buy the team outright.

If the owners all agree to sell, there would be no one to sell it to.

The NFL board of directors would have to approve any new owner, and it would be up the owners to figure out how to keep the team together if that’s the case.

If not, the owners could split the difference and buy a different team.

The owners would then have to agree on how to pay for the new team, which would be an even more complicated situation.

In the end, it could be as simple as the NFL finding a buyer that doesn’t have a stake in the franchise.

But that doesn´t mean that the owners won´t have to do something.

There would be a new owners meeting that could include a vote on whether to keep a franchise in Los Angeles or to sell the team.

And there could be a public vote in favor of keeping the team in Los.

There is a lot to consider.

For one thing, there is a great deal of uncertainty about whether the owners can sell their teams.

They might not even be able to sell them, given the current state of the business.

The most recent Sports Business Journal report said that the league had sold a record-breaking 1,054 team to the Raiders, which has a market value of $2 billion.

But the owners have no interest in buying a franchise there.

The owners might also be able, with a vote of the board, to give up a stake of ownership in a franchise if they don´t like the team they bought.

They would have the right to sell if the board of trustees thinks the team is not worth keeping.

And there is an even bigger concern.

The board of owners could not, in a perfect world, give up the right of the owners of a franchise to own more than half of it.

If that happens, the NFL would have a monopoly on the sport.

The NBA, for instance, is owned by the NBA and has a 15-year lease with the league.

But in the case of the NFL there are no such restrictions.

The team has to be bought and the owners must have a vote to keep.

If the owners don´ t like the direction the league is heading, it will have to give them a better offer.

There might be an offer that would be better for the league in some ways than what it had before, but in many other ways the league would be worse off.

It might have to sell more franchises, which could hurt the league financially, or it might have a new franchise, which might also hurt the team financially.

The possibility of a better deal is enough to make any owner think twice before selling.


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