Toto’s ‘Bologna’ project is a ‘great’ example of how to ‘go big’ in Italy

Bologna’s new stadium, which will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, has the potential to transform Italian football.

The new “Bolognese” stadium, built by Italian firm Toto, will be the largest stadium in the country, with capacity of 50,000 people. 

“The new stadium will give us a great opportunity to create a great stadium that is going to make the city of Bolognesi one of the most attractive destinations in Europe,” said Italian Football Federation President Maurizio Zamparini, who is also the country’s president.

“We are creating an ideal platform for the development of Boca.”

The new venue will be located at Bolognsi’s famous hilltop, which hosts the Bolognian national football team.

The hilltop also houses the Boca Domingo football club, which was founded in the 1950s. 

The stadium’s construction, which is set to begin next year, is part of the countrys ambitious plans to host the 2019 FIFA World Cups, which kick off on July 12 in Brazil and the 2022 Confederations Cup in Russia.

In recent years, stadiums around the world have become synonymous with stadiums of colossal proportions.

But despite the stadiums being bigger than most people expected, they are often built using smaller, less expensive, and often less attractive materials, which makes them more difficult to build and maintain.

Bolognians will get to experience this in “Boca,” the new stadium being built in Bolognas first football stadium, and also in the city’s famed hilltop. 

According to the new Boca site plan, the Bocas new stadium is expected to be the biggest stadium in Italy, with 50,00 people inside it. 

At first glance, the building looks like a typical football stadium.

The roof is topped with a giant “Toto” logo, and the pitch has a “Bocas” flag with an arrow on it.

But the building is actually much larger. 

A few metres from the pitch, in a central courtyard, the entire building is surrounded by green, blue, and red banners, all of which read “BOCAS”. 

The building is meant to be built from scratch, with the new structure being built by a consortium of construction firms that include construction giant Bolognia and architect Paolo Vignali. 

Construction on the new “C” building began in April. 

For a project this size, the team at Toto has already started working with local contractors to complete the building. 

Toto’s project has a number of technical and financial challenges, including the construction of the new roof, which means that the new project will be delayed for two years. 

To get a better idea of how the new building will look from a distance, Toto released a video showing a few minutes of the design process, which showed how it would look from above. 

However, a closer look at the building will reveal the “Boco” logo on the stadium roof. 

During the design phase, Totos architects looked to different types of construction materials, including stone, concrete, glass, and steel. 

As the video showed, the new design is very similar to the “C,” with the main difference being that the “D” logo is on the roof, while the “A” logo and “B” are on the pitch. 

Once the building has been finished, Totta plans to use the building to host a large-scale football event. 

This will include the BOCAS Football Festival, which takes place every year in Boca. 

Boca Doca is also planning to host one of its own football tournaments in the new venue, the annual Boca World Cup tournament. 

With the new construction, the future of Bocastania will look very bright for football in Italy. 

[Images via Toto]


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