What is a ‘contract’?

The number of jobs in Ireland is growing, but not the number of people who want them.

According to the latest ONS figures, more people have jobs than are willing to accept them.

The Irish economy is still growing by a solid 3.1pc, but employment has stagnated or even declined in the past five years.

And the numbers of people wanting to work have fallen, too.

It is not just people who are not looking for work, the numbers are dropping, too, as more people want to leave the workforce.

The number who want to work is up for the first time since 2009, but it is still well below the figure for people aged over 65, who are the most likely to want a job.

The ONS’ latest employment survey found that the average hourly wage for a full-time, part-time or casual worker in July was €9.83, up from €9 in June, and down from €11 in June 2016.

The figure is slightly higher than the €10.73 average in March, the first full month of data.

But there is a clear drop in the number who are looking for jobs, the number is down by more than 50,000 people.

In the first five months of the year, only 11.3% of people were looking for a job, compared with 15.4% in the previous five months.

Inflation, the amount of money people earn each month, also seems to be falling, but the ONS data does not break out inflation.

This could be because people are not working.

On average, people are still making more than they were five years ago.

But the gap between wages and the amount they are earning is widening, with people earning more than their peers five years earlier.

There is also a drop in people who say they are not willing to work, but there are still more than 2m people who said they were willing to be paid less than €7.25 an hour.

This is down from 3.3m in March.

The latest ONSB figures for April showed that the unemployment rate was 6.7pc, up slightly from 5.3pc in March but down from 6.8pc in May.

There are still 5.4m people in work, down from 5 million in March and 5.8 million in May, the highest since February 2009.

The fall in unemployment has been fuelled by people getting jobs through the Irish Health Service and a fall in child tax credits.

But it is not all bad news.

There has been a fall of 0.3 percentage points in the total number of full- and part-year contracts awarded since the start of the financial year, the ONSB said.

The total number is up by 3,300.

The rise is largely due to more contracts being awarded to people aged 65 and over, who have been doing a better job of getting jobs.

However, there are also signs that more people are looking into looking for more work.

There were 8.2m contracts awarded to those aged 65-plus in the month of July, up by 2,300 from a year earlier.

The drop in contracts is mainly because more people aged 35-54 are looking at work.

In a sign that there are fewer people looking for full- or part-employment contracts, the employment rate for people in the labour force aged 25-54 is now at the lowest it has been since March 2007.

It has been at its lowest level since February 2003.

A fall in the employment of people aged 55-64 is also in evidence.

The labour force in that age group fell by 0.1 percentage points from a record high of 5.7 million in June.

The unemployment rate for that group is down to 4.2pc, down by 0,300, from 4.5pc a year ago.

In its report, the government said that it had seen a marked improvement in employment over the past year.

There was a reduction in the gap in employment between those who have a job and those who want a new one, and the number seeking employment is also rising.

“While employment is not as high as we had hoped, we remain on course to have a full employment economy in the next two years,” Mr Byrne said.


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