NFL owners: We’re the only ones who can save the league from itself

We’ve all seen the headlines.

The Raiders were going to win the Super Bowl this year.

The Rams were going, like, ahhh.

Now we’re going to see a playoff game between the Rams and Falcons, a division title and NFC West title, or whatever it is, and then we’re back to where we were before the season.

But what the hell?

There are no guarantees.

And that’s the real problem with the NFL.

It’s not that we’re bad at football, but that we lack the talent.

We lack the people.

We’re just too lazy.

If we could do everything right, the NFL could be the next great professional sport.

We’ve got to have more players.

We need to build stadiums and hire a whole bunch of new players.

The problem is, the league isn’t going to do that.

The owners, the owners, they don’t want to do it.

They don’t have the money.

And the owners don’t know what they’re doing.

And I think they’re all just as guilty of all of it.

When the league talks about building a new stadium, the only thing it’s talking about is building a brand-new stadium.

And if the league wants to build a brand new stadium that will accommodate a Super Bowl and all of those other things, I think it should at least start with building the stadium to accommodate the team.

That’s what it should do.

And it should not do it by just building a bunch of old stadiums.

I think the owners would rather build a new team than build a stadium that’s going to seat 25,000 people, that’s a full stadium.

But let’s say the owners were to build the new stadium.

That would be an improvement.

And by that I mean the stadium could be bigger.

It could be a little bigger.

The stadium could actually seat 25.

I mean, it could be in the ballpark of the stadium at which the team plays.

But it would still be an average-sized stadium, and it would probably be empty, and the stadium would be a big, empty hole.

The teams would still have to pay for that.

And you’re still going to have to be a tenant, which the league has been doing for a while now.

So there are going to be some owners who would prefer to have a team, because that’s what they do.

But there are also owners who want to build an all-new facility.

And in the future, that could include stadiums for a new Super Bowl, which would be the best of both worlds.

But the owners who are the most interested in the Super, the Super bowl-obsessed owners, that would have the most leverage.

They’re the ones who would be most inclined to try to build new stadiums that are bigger, that are more empty.

And so I think there’s a real problem.

There’s a lot of money on the table.

The league’s been saying for years now that they have the best stadium in the league.

They have the richest owners.

They are the ones that can get those franchises built.

But at the end of the day, they have no real leverage.

And they’re not going to get that leverage unless they change their culture.

Because if they don, then we’ll be back to the same thing we were last year, which is that the owners are going back to their ways.

They’ll just build new teams, like they’ve done for years.

And then they’ll start selling them for half as much as they are going for now.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an owner make a statement like that, and I think that’s probably the best I’ve ever heard.

I just don’t believe that they’re going out and building a stadium for a Superbowl.

That doesn’t mean that they are.

I don’t think they are the biggest, most successful franchise in the NFL, but the only one who’s going in the direction of making it a better place.

And when that happens, the whole league will change.

And we’re all going to feel like we’re doing a lot better.

The best way to build this team and this league, I don’st think, is to make a huge investment in the facilities.

That will make the stadium a bigger and more empty hole, and when that’s done, you’ve got this entire league, including the owners themselves, back to normal.

So the owners will do what they want, but they won’t get it done.

They won’t build stadiums to accommodate Super Bowls.

And instead, they’re planning to build empty stadiums that will eventually be sold off, because, well, the owner has to live somewhere, right?

I mean that’s their motivation.

And, you know, they’ll build those stadiums, and they’ll sell those stadiums.

And once the teams are sold, it’s over.

You’re just the owner


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