Ezhgoo Road & Building Company

Ezhgoo road & building company with holding the second rank in the field of road construction and the fifth rank in build construction and water was founded in 1980 . It has implemented many projects and road construction or they are in progress. Ezhgoo road & building company is famous at implementing infrastructure projects such as road construction, technical road building, railways, making town, company with high ability in management and having experienced experts and human resources and commitment over the years full of ups and downs.

For over thirty years of experience and competence and following the main goal as construction quality , accomplishing the projects at full speed , employing domestic staff and company has been able to as or of the leading company and the toppest at the implementation at developing projects in the province .

We hope that by relying on God in a better future and further advance these goals would be achieved honors.


Road Construction


Simin dasht

Construction of main road of Garmsaar – simindasht , the lenght of 17+720 kilometers which is in the range of semnan is under construction to reduce the traffic of Tehran and Is more closely related to the Qom – Garmsar axis, including

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Aradan Industrial park in the land of the 70 hectars including , implementation of earth work. Infrastructure , road pavement , implantation of a gas network , twenty – kw grid , street lighting network , sewer , water network , air source and office building for the first time in the country

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The executive operations for improving and four – lane up the second piece of Eyvanekey –kilan – Absard axis including , land operations , road pavement , implementation of the technical buildings of road…

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Business Restructuring

Be sure you have the Reconstruction office, you need to Find a store or hotel Reconstruction of in of the most important parts of the question for Those who want to remodel their work. Construction of residential Office and commercial, usually at The outset, without all the necessary spaces for …

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Building Facades

since the first connection with a building project is formed through its exterior. Your facade has considered a significant impact on the people perception. The quality and the type of construction of your project and design attractive performance and quality in the building …

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Moazzen school

Completion and retrofitting of school Moazzen project in Semnan including, full implementation of all building operations (buildings , mechanical installations , electrical installations ) and land scaping which has been in the activities of the construction sector …

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