1 . The considerations of professional morality and a comprehensive responding to the necessities of contract and the employer needs.

2 . The effective and efficient performance of tasks along with a high speed and done with a coincidence of organizational provisions.

3 . The activities must be performed based on a timing method and the performances of the projects in the context of a timing plan.

4 .the promotions of quality in the commitments with the use of the latest technology and the projects performances must be based on the rules and regulations and new instructions..

5 .Utilized the talents, creativity and innovation of employees and increase the efficiency and utilization of.

6 . Use of machinery and equipment for efficient and tailored to the needs of projects and compliance with technology and standards.

7 . Prevention of occupational hazards and working capital in order to maintain the health of employees and employers.

8 . The compliance and monitoring environmental factors, while projects to protect the environment.

9 . Institution of safety rules at run time and during the operation of the project with the aim to minimize the.

10 . Information necessary for optimal service and accelerate the implementation of favorable manner, presented to colleagues.

11 . Timely communication with colleagues at work, and in adherence to punctuality.

12 . The communication space in such a way that clients have confidence in the officials and staff.

13 . Relative to their respective professional organizations have a sense of responsibility.

14 . Confidant, and to refrain from disclosing confidential documents.

15 . of gossip, slander, gossip, news and anything that intimacy and trust Chinese undermines staff.

16 . Equipment and facilities to be established precisely and regularly, so that the desired time easily.